IGOT has as its mission to promote top quality higher education at the undergraduate, graduate and lifelong learning levels; carry out research and development activities; and disseminate knowledge and provide specialised scientific and technical consultancy services to society-at-large, all in the fields of geography, spatial planning, development policies and territorial cohesion, urban and environmental studies, as well as resource, risk and socio-spatial dynamics and organisational planning. IGOT is a member of AESOP – Association of European Planning Schools and is home to faculty stuff and highly qualified researchers that possess vast scientific expertise, who are highly recognised internationally, and are strongly focused on research and teaching of the highest international standards. Teaching personnel is integrated in the research groups that compose the Geographical Studies Centre (CEG), a prestigious research and development centre in Portugal in the various fields of Geography and Spatial Planning. The articulation between teaching and research allows students at IGOT to expand their training and acquire skills from an interdisciplinary perspective, an essential and central aspect needed to ensure access to a wide range of professions, be it in the world of business, public administration or NGOs. IGOT is located at the University City of Lisbon in a modern, functional building that guarantees all the conditions needed to continue developing teaching and research excellence.