The Advanced Training Course has a variable format: it may be composed as a course possessing a curricular component, as a set of integrated class courses that are a part of IGOT’s postgraduate studies, via participation in research projects or internships recognised by IGOT’s Scientific Committee, or through the carrying out of a supervised work plan.

1st Semester Credits 2nd Semester Credits
Research Methodologies in Geography Seminar 10 Post-graduate Seminar * I 10 or 15
Post-graduate Seminar I * 10 or 15 Research Seminar II 5 or 10
Research Seminar II 5, 10 or 15 Portfolio** 10

Research Methodologies Seminar

Post-graduate Seminar

Students can choose from the various seminars existent in IGOT’s Master’s Degree programmes: Physical Geography and Spatial Planning | Spatial Planning and Urbanism | Population, Society and Territory | European Policy: Development and Socio-territorial Cohesion | Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Modulation as Applied to Planning | Geography Education | Tourism and Communication. The seminar programmes of these Master degrees can be found at:

Geography Research Seminars I

Geography Research Seminars II


The organisation of a portfolio is mandatory and is equivalent to 10 ECTS. The portfolio may include diverse activities, among which the following are highlighted: participation in national and international workshops, seminars and conferences, with the presentation of a research paper being particularly valued; publishing research reports, book chapters and articles in scientific journals; and the carrying out of supervised fieldwork.

3rd Semester Credits 4th Semester Credits
Supervised research 30 Thesis 30


5th Semestre Credits 6th Semester Credits
Thesis elaboration 30 Thesis elaboration 30