The Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning Training Centre of the University of Lisbon / CFIGOT is not only committed to the continuous training of its own graduates in the field of Geography, but also to all those who have graduated in this area of study in other higher learning institutions as well as those coming from other related scientific areas. CFIGOT aims to contribute to the updating and deepening of scientific- pedagogical training, naturally benefiting from the research carried out at the Geographical Studies Center.The Training Centre aims its training, first and foremost, at primary and secondary school education teachers, who are often solicited to undertake further training and continued education, as well as other professionals who have Geography and Spatial Planning as their primary area of professional intervention.The training offered takes two main forms: training accredited by the Scientific and Pedagogical Council of Continuous Teacher Training, and short, non-accredited training developed in partnership with other institutions.

“International Declaration on Geography Education”/Moscow, 20th of August of 2015

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