Erasmus + Programme

The Erasmus + programme is a sub-program within the Lifelong Learning Programme (PROALV), having as its aims to support the creation of a European Higher Education Space and to strengthen the contribution of higher education and advanced vocational education in the process of innovation at the European level.

The programme is managed at the European level by the European Commission, and at national level by the PROALV National Agency, setting out to support increased mobility in higher education, primarily among students, but also among teachers and other educational staff.The Erasmus + Mobility for students has two path ways:

• A study period – SMS (Student Mobility for Studies)

• A professional internship period – SMP (Student Mobility for Placements) Applications 2018-2019


Deadlines: Start End
Online application 24-01-2018 02-03-2018
Application Results 7 days after the application deadline
Communication to Partner Institutions Until 13-04-2018
The entire process should be completed at the Rectory of ULisboa until 11th May

Applications 2018-2019




  • Nomination and Online Application Dates / Deadlines
Deadlines: Start End
Nomination (Winter/Year) 05-03-2018 31-05-2018
Nomination (Summer) 02-05-2018 31-10-2018
Online Application (Winter/Year) 02-05-2018 29-06-2018
Online Application (Summer) 15-10-2018 19-12-2018

IGOT Academic Services


International Mobility (Doctoral and/or Master’s level internships)

IGOT, like all Portuguese universities, possesses new rules for the reception procedures of foreign students. Any application for “sandwich” doctorate degrees / doctoral internship / master’s internship comes with an application fee payment of 60 Euro.Participation in these internships/mobility programmes is also subject to the payment of a registration fee per semester, in accordance with IGOT- U. of Lisbon’s table of fees:

1375€- Doctoral Internships
600€-  Masters Internships


To formalise your application for either a PhD or a Masters level internship, the following documents should be submitted to

a) An updated Curriculum Vitae, including published and/or documented work;

b) Documents proving previously earned academic degrees and/or relevant diplomas;

c) Registration documents related to the doctoral or master’s degree programme from the degree granting University;

d) Research project and work package programme to be undertaken during the internship in Portugal;

e) Photocopy of ID (Passport or Personal Identity Document), a photo and your CPF;

f) A letter of recommendation provided by your academic advisor at your degree granting University;

g) A letter of recommendation from your co-supervisor at IGOT


After sending the application and all relevant documentation, academic services will contact the candidate in order to formalise the remaining procedures.

Note: If you apply for a CsF, CAPES or any other programme scholarship, you must also send this information by email or present proof of application upon registration.