The University of Lisbon’s Centre for Geographical Studies (CEG) is a development and research centre of which the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) is a part of. Possessing a strong representation of IGOT professorial stuff, CEG has a team of 190 researchers, including 87 PhD holders, asserting itself as the main geographic research centre in Portugal and possessing vast international recognition.

The excellence of the research that is carried out, both theoretical and applied, in the domains of environment, society and territory, planning and land management, urban planning and geographic information technologies, has through the years been positively valued by international evaluation panels. Involved in numerous national and international networks, as well as research and postgraduate training partnerships, in close collaboration with IGOT, CEG actively contributes to the enhancement of the national scientific and technological system in the scientific domains of territory and environment.Students at IGOT benefit from the experience, knowledge and resources of the Centre for Geographical Studies, often either collaborating with or integrating research project teams, along with conducting their Master’s and Doctoral work on research issues under development at CEG.

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