The Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon is a School of creation, transmission and dissemination of culture, and scientific and technological knowledge in the areas of Geography, Social Sciences, Sciences of the Earth and Spatial Planning.IGOT enjoys statutory, scientific, educational, cultural, administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy. For strategic coordination, the rationalization of the use of resources, along with joint research and teaching, the Institute is organized into two areas: Education and Training, and Research and Development. The Education and Training Area integrates two Undergraduate Degree programmes, seven Master’s Degree programmes and four Doctoral Degree programmes. Two Master’s Degrees and three Doctoral Degrees are provided in collaboration with other Lisbon University Schools or with other Portuguese Higher Education institutions. This Research and Development branch is part of the Centre for Geographical Studies (CEG). Founded in 1943 by Professor Orlando Ribeiro, the CEG has a team of about 190 researchers, 97 of which have PhDs, and has been constituted as the primary reference when it comes to research and dissemination of geographical knowledge in Portugal, in addition to being one of the most prestigious research facilities internationally.


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