The Statutes of IGOT were approved by Rector’s Order No. 7767 of 17 March 2009 and published in Diário da República via Order No. 23162/2009 of 21 October.

The merging process of Lisbon Technical University with the University of Lisbon culminated in the publication of the Statutes of the University of Lisbon, 2013 (Normative Order No. 5 -A / 2013 of 19 April).

IGOT held the respective statutory review, resulting from the approval of the new statutes of the University of Lisbon, created in 2013, which is the successor of Lisbon Technical University and the University of Lisbon.

The statutory review process was concluded on December 10, 2013, with the publication of IGOT’s statutes that were approved by the Rector of the University of Lisbon through Desp. No 16034/2013 of 10 December.