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The Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon promotes, for the seventh consecutive year, the “Nós Propomos!” Project (“We Propose! Citizenship and Innovation in Geographic Education”).

The Project is sponsored by the Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science, through the Directorate-General for Education, and has the support of socio-professional association of Geography. Esri Portugal, a Geographic Information Systems company associated with the Project, offers each of the participating schools the software for mapping.

The “Nós Propomos!” Project’s purpose is to promote effective local territorial citizenship, a governance and sustainability oversight.
Constitution of the  national project in the discipline of Geography and mobilization of Portuguese Secondary schools and of the Autonomous Communities of the Azores and Madeira. At present, the Project is also being implemented in Brazil and in Spain by several universities, constituting an important Ibero-American project.

In Portugal, it is addressed preferably to Geography students and teachers of the 11th year at Secondary Schools. It comprehends the Case Study for the identification of local problems and a presentation of motions for resolution by the students. Simultaneously, to promote the partnership between universities, schools, municipalities, companies and associations, with whom it refers to community protocols.

Since 2016/17, with the expansion of school audiences, we also work on the We Proposed Project! Small Large Citizen, destined to students of the 1st cycle of Basic Education and with its own institute.

At the beginning of the school year, after a first phase of raising awareness about citizenship issues and local challenges, students identify problems in small groups that are important in the school and home area – restoring a building abandoned to change of the course of a public transport career in the creation of a smartphone tourist route, to give some examples. Sometimes, depending on the human and human resources, elements of the coordination team move to the schools in work sessions.

Whenever possible, students and teachers have a meeting with city council technicians on the main guidelines and concerns of the Municipal Master Plan – which helps to consult the problem that is underway.
The students then carry out a small research work on the problem that they selected and prepared a resolution proposal.

As in previous years, there will be, in parallel, the following contests, related to each student’s project themes: photography / field work, photography / landscape, video / field work, video / landscape, drawing, text and song .

On April 30, 2018, the National Seminar is held at the University of Lisbon, where young people from participating schools presented their proposals and are awarded distinctions for their participation.

A disclosure that is well-being of the community, the issue of autarchy and the origins of companies.

We invite colleagues from Geography, but also from other areas, to participate with their students and schools in the Project We Proposed!