The Planning and Spatial Management Degree responds to the needs of training technical and qualified professionals in the areas of urbanism, planning and spatial management, aimed towards administrative government bodies, local government authorities, and third sector businesses and organisations. The Degree constitutes a decisive contribution to the formation of a spatial planning culture guided by the preservation of the environment, spatial justice and inclusive participation of civil society in the planning process.


  • Professional activities in the areas of Planning and Spatial Management include:
  • Coordination and development of land use programmes and plans at different scales of intervention (national, regional, municipal and local)
  • Evaluation studies of spatial impact policies and programmes
  • Research projects focusing on spatial impact
  • Collaboration in community programs focusing on spatial impact.


Employability levels

The Degree in Planning and Territory Management is a new degree, thus there is still no data on employment levels made available by the Education and Science Statistics General Directorate (2015). However, it is worth stressing that experts in the intellectual and scientific professions, of which graduates of this degree programme are included, in 2015 revealed unemployment rates below the average, this based on low, long-term unemployment.Similar to IGOT’s Degree in Geography, the Planning and Territory Management Degree has revealed to be attractive to foreign students, accounting for nearly 10% of the students.