Master’s Degree in Spatial Planning and Urbanism

Degree coordinator: Professor Mário Vale

Master’s level Coordinator: Professor Ana Ramos Pereira

Spatial Planning and Urbanism regulatory standards – Order n. 9651/2013. D.R. n. 140, Série II of 07/23/2013.


The Spatial Planning and Urbanism Degree derives from the Degree in Human Geography, and Local and Regional Planning that has operated at the University of Lisbon since the 1980s. The degree sets out to respond to the needs of updating and enhancing the knowledge and technical skills of public and private sector workers who work in the field of spatial planning and urbanism, as well as to strengthen the training of students interested in spatial planning, assisting in developing skills needed to think critically and to intervene in order to solve regional and urban problems.

Career opportunities

The degree provides two types of career opportunities: as researchers and as spatial planning technicians, in both cases guided by scientific rigour and spirit of innovation and initiative. Employers in the field include public and private consulting agencies, strategic spatial planning institutions and research entities.

IGOT possesses a number of cooperation agreements with various public and private entities that provide professional internships.


The degree’s course curriculum allows students to choose between (i) the carrying out of a research internship and a master’s dissertation and (ii) a professional internship and elaboration of an internship report. The degree’s programme focuses on the study of economic, social, environmental and political dynamics as related to the transformation of space and place. This is articulated with the acquisition of a solid theoretical, methodological and technical background, and gaining knowledge of spatial planning instruments, aimed to focus on a variety geographical spectrums and scales and capacity to intervene. In this sense, the degree gives privilege to the acquiring of in-depth knowledge of realities through the completion of a professional internship and fieldwork visits.

The degree allows a student to receive a distinction in either Spatial Planning and Urbanism (SPU) or Local and Regional Development (LRD). The distinction will be defined by the profile of options chosen in the scientific areas of SPU and LRD, as well as the theme of the master’s thesis or internship report.