Master’s Degree in Geography Education

The Master’s Degree in Geography Education is a collaborative degree between IGOT and the University of Lisbon’s Institute of Education.


Degree accredited by A3ES – NCE/14/00631

Degree coordinator: Professor Sérgio Claudino

Master’s level Coordinator: Professor Gonçalo Vieira


The Master’s Degree in Geography Education is a collaborative degree between IGOT and the University of Lisbon’s Institute of Education, benefiting from a long teacher training experience drawn from the two institutions. A Masters in Geography Education is a required degree for those who wish to be 3rd level Geography instructors, be it in basic and secondary education. The degree is also an asset for those who carry out teaching activities in vocational schools or other similar institutions.


The Masters in Geography Education aims to provide quality training in Geography instruction via the offering of classes centring on general educational, specific didactic introduction, and initiation to professional practice and practice in specific scientific areas. The intention is to provide students with scientific knowledge, basic technical and pedagogical- didactic methods, as well as personal and social training as applied to the respective pedagogical function, to be carried out through:

  • Solid training, be it in a specific, didactic area or through generalised educational training;
  • Encounters with related experiences relevant to the introduction of professional teaching practices articulated with general educational and didactic training;
  • A critical reflection on scholastic experiences, aimed at contributing to the training of responsible, autonomous and ethically demanding professionals;
  • The acquiring of appropriate methodologies and educational research techniques.


The Masters in Geography Education complies to the principles determined by Decreto-Lei n. 79/2014.

Students will attend the following classes:

  • Geography – sets out to deepen specified scientific training of students in order to support the future lecturing of content within the disciple of Geography;
  • General Education – targeting the commands of the central issues in Educational Sciences;
  • Didactics of Geography – aiming to support introspection on the educational value of the discipline, its planning and the construction of educational resources that support the development of meaningful educational experiences;
  • Introduction to Professional Practice – carrying out undertakings of observation, planning and lecturing in primary and secondary schools, supported by experienced teachers at various levels of education. IGOT-UL possesses cooperation agreements with a number of schools in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area where such training initiatives are carried out.