Doctorate in Migrations

FCT Doctorate

The Doctorate programme in Migrations, a scientific and pedagogical project within the University of Lisbon’s Strategic Area of ​​Social Sciences, is a joint programme bringing together different organic units of research under the overarching topic of Migrations that grants a Doctorate Degree in the disciplines of Anthropology, Political Science, Education, Geography, History, Psychology and Sociology.

Doctorate in collaboration with the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS), Faculty of Psychology and the Institute of Education (IE)

Regulatory standards of a Doctorate in Migrations – Order N. 10442/2013. Diário da República, 2.ª série — N.º 153, 9 August, 2013 .


The Doctorate programme in Migrations through CEG/IGOT’s research group MIGRARE participates in the network of research-training INTEGRIM (Integration and international migration: pathways and integration policies), funded by the European Commission (FP7/People).


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Degree Coordinator: Professor Maria Lucinda Fonseca


Scientific commission:

Professor Maria Lucinda Fonseca (Presidente) | IGOT

Professor Alina Esteves | IGOT

Professor Ana Sofia Santos | FP

Professor Benedita Portugal Melo |I E

Professor Marta Rosales | ICS


The programme offers a Doctorate Degree focusing on the issue of socio-economic processes of change as associated with migrations in contemporary societies.The research topics are diverse, ranging from the understanding of causes, characteristics and complexity of migration processes, to the incorporation of migrants in societies and host nations, to the management of transnational networks.From a social perspective, the programme also provides the advanced training of researchers and technicians in a socially relevant area of ​​study. It also helps to strengthen relationships between research and advanced training in the field of migrations in Portugal, with public institutions and NGOs that carry out activities in the overarching subject area of migrations, at the local, national and European levels.The programme is composed of a very dynamic group of professorial staff from various disciplinary backgrounds (Human Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Social Psychology, Education and Political Science) who work on cross-cutting and innovative projects. Students have access to high quality, case-specific research as well as a vibrant and inspiring learning environment.

Consultative Council


Russell King, University of Sussex, United Kingdom

Joaquín Arango, Universidade Complutense de Madrid, Spain

José Carlos Teixeira, University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus), Canada

Areas of Knowledge and Specialisation

The Doctorate programme in Migrations confers a PhD degree in the following disciplines and areas of research:

• Geography, specialising in Human Geography (IGOT);

• Psychology, specialising in Social Psychology (FP; ICS);

• Sociology, specialising in Sociology of Inequalities, Minorities and Social Movements; Sociology of Family, Youth and Gender; Sociology of Social Policies (ICS);

• Political Science, specialising in Comparative Politics (ICS);

• Anthropology, specialising in Anthropology of Ethnicity and Politics (ICS);

• Education, specialising in Sociology of Education.


Migrations – FCT Doctorate

INTEGRIM and PhD in Migrations in the words of a student