The Doctorate Degree in Territory, Risk and Public Policy is organised in two strands: regular route or research project route.The regular route consists of a class-based component in the first year of the course (60 ECTS), which is complemented by an investigative component aimed at preparing a thesis. This makes up the last three years of the program (180 ECTS).The research route applies to candidates who are involved in either a national or international research project, are national or foreign PhD scholarships holders, or, thirdly, demonstrate exceptional research capabilities while carrying out their Master’s Degree in a relevant scientific area in any of the universities involved in this degree programme. During their course of research, in the first year, students choose three classes from the list of core classes and are obliged to attend the Research Seminar, composing 30 credit units. Also in the first year, candidates begin working towards the elaboration of their thesis, which extend over the next three years (210 ECTS).

Regular Route

1º ano

1st Semester Credits 2nd Semester Credits
Risk mitigation strategies 8 Citizenship and Risk Governance 8
Risk factors and spatial planning 8 Spatial planning and multi-scale risk analysis 8
Methods and techniques of assessment and risk management 8 Políticas Públicas e Instrumentos de Gestão do Risco 8
Conference cycle 6 Research Seminar 6

2nd year and following years

Thesis preparation / project

Research Project trajectory

Choose 3 classes from the list of classes offered in the 1st year along with the required Research Seminar, make up 30 credit units.