Portugal was represented in the European Parliament, in Brussels, by Diogo Silva, a  student of the 3rd year of the Degree in Geography of IGOT.  Diogo was part of the group of 16 young students from 16 European Countries who participated in the launch of the european project “YouthMetre: an innovative tool for e-participation of youth in policy-making across Europe”, organised by the Commitee of Regions on the 14th February 2017, in Brussels. This group of students have also participated in a 2 day seminar of the project. This project aims to create participation tools in order to promote European youngsters’ involvement in the definition of EU’s Youth policy. Diogo Silva integrated the Portuguese StudyGroup – Lisboa (organised by Prof. Helena Esteves) which enabled the participation of 10 students of IGOT on a first seminar held last June, 2016.


More info in the project’s website: http://youthmetre.eu/