Conditions of application 2016/2017


Undergraduate Degree


Undergraduate degree applications at IGOT, according to rule, are held through the national access competition that possesses conditions specific to each course:

  • Degree in Geography
  • Degree in Planning and Land Management


The current entry system for undergraduate degrees are governed by local competitions held in July and August, and are done so according to the conditions and timing of each school year. Specific information as applicable to the year of application should be consulted (see menu on the right).


Application for Doctoral, Masters and other schemesApplications must be done exclusively via the Application Portal at:

Before completing your application, you should consult the Applicants Handbook where all the steps related to the application procedure are indicated, along with instructions.



I. All documents attached to the Portal should be in Word or PDF format.II. If you have difficulty scanning some of the documents required for the formal application, you should contact our Academic Services.III. At the application deadline, if you do not have the document(s) attesting your academic qualifications, you should attach a declaration declaring that you commit yourself to submitting it; otherwise your application can not be validated.IV. If you have no fixed address or Portuguese address at time of application, please fill in the postal code field: 9999-999.V. If you do not have a Portuguese tax identification number (NIF) at the time of applying, please fill in the appropriate field: 999999999.For any further information about your application, please e-mail us at


International Students – 2016/2017


Online application:

1st phase: March 1 to 27 | Results posted: April 15 to 22 | Registration: until May 6th. 2nd phase: June 6 to 24 | Results posted: July 8 to 15 | Registration: until July 29th.